Angling Trust Winter League Round 2

Piles and Sneed Park
  • Sneed Park H1
  • 3lb 10oz (100 tiny roach)
  • 4 points out of 7.

Piles, Semmington and Sneed Park


We had an Open Match in preparation for this winter league.  The Piles fished incredibly hard, and therefore Semmington Park has been added which is an unknown venue as nobody has fished for a while.   I didn’t  want to be at Piles as it would still be very hard, I think the reason why is there has been a new marina been built and 86,000 litres of tap water was added!  I had 1 carp last week which made my match very boring and I didn’t wana be there again, as it’s big fish or bust.  Very few small fish to be caught.  However, Sneed Park was much better match as there was lots 4lb -9lb weights and Andy Pollard won the match with 22lb of skimmers, so I hoped to be there!

This was the 2nd round of the Angling Trust Winter league, and looking around at the draw you could see some concerned faces including mine.  Piles was going to be the “make or break” as you could easily come last in your section which would be bad in a team event.  With the team winning two weeks ago, then I was hoping for repeat.   So with our team draw, it saw me draw…………..

My Match.

In practice my team mates had found that it is best to fish in shallower water for skimmers, they don’t seem to want to sit in the boat track, I think the reason for this is because of volume of boats, as this is much busier than Marlborough. I managed to beat everybody to my left, but everybody beat me to my right, as they all had skimmers.  The match fished really well in places.

A Browning Andover Steve Pierce 4 1 7.0 4 23 59 Average/Section
A Colmic Tailisman Dave Johnson 5 0 0.0 0 0 69 2 lb 9 oz
A Devizes MG Robbie Kepner 3 4 15.0 6 79 34
A Diawa Gordon League Paul Waddington 1 8 3.5 7 132 17 284.5 2.5
A Garbolino BMV Jamie Cox 6 2 2.0 5 34 52 7
A Mosella Lobby’s Andy Powell 2 0 13.0 3 13 63
A Cotswold Angling Liam Barry 7 0 4.0 2 4 67
B Browning Andover Barry Giles 4 0 10.5 3 10.5 65 Average/Section
B Colmic Tailisman Vince Grillo 5 0 11.0 4 11 64 1 lb 7 oz
B Devizes MG Kevin Rowles 3 0 5.0 2 5 66
B Diawa Gordon League Andy Pollard 1 5 13.0 7 93 27 161.0 1.4
B Garbolino BMV Michael Berntsen 6 0 15.0 5 15 62 7
B Mosella Lobby’s Charlie Valender 2 1 9.5 6 25.5 56
B Cotswold Angling Chris Rust 7 0 1.0 1 1 68
C Browning Andover Keith Theobold 4 4 2.0 2 66 41 Average/Section
C Colmic Tailisman Andy Burns 5 10 13.0 5 173 9 8 lb 10 oz
C Devizes MG Adam Carter 3 11 4.0 6 180 7
C Diawa Gordon League Mark Treasure 1 7 7.0 3 119 21 966.0 8.6
C Garbolino BMV Gary Etheridge 6 16 12.0 7 268 1 7
C Mosella Lobby’s Andy Jayne 2 2 7.0 1 39 51
C Cotswold Angling David Read 7 7 9.0 4 121 20
D Browning Andover Nic McCartney 4 15 5.0 7 245 3 Average/Section
D Colmic Tailisman Pete Collins 5 9 5.0 3 149 12 10 lb 4 oz
D Devizes MG Adrian McTiffin 3 15 3.0 6 243 4
D Diawa Gordon League Mark Kimber 1 9 15.0 4 159 11 1150.0 10.3
D Garbolino BMV Rob Randell 6 7 10.0 2 122 19 7
D Mosella Lobby’s John Tocknell 2 14 8.0 5 232 5
D Cotswold Angling Graham Cherry 7 0 0.0 0 0 69
E Browning Andover Stu Dabbs 4 8 8.0 4 136 16 Average/Section
E Colmic Tailisman Alan Brown 5 4 12.0 1 76 35 7 lb 14 oz
E Devizes MG Paul Andrews 3 8 10.0 5 138 15
E Diawa Gordon League Mark Gaylard 1 10 4.0 6 164 10 884.0 7.9
E Garbolino BMV Will Bonnie 6 11 2.0 7 178 8 7
E Mosella Lobby’s Adrian Innes 2 5 9.0 2 89 29
E Cotswold Angling Dave Parminter 7 6 7.0 3 103 26
F Browning Andover John Dewbury 4 2 8.0 1 40 50 Average/Section
F Colmic Tailisman Pete Townsend 5 7 3.0 5 115 23 5 lb 11 oz
F Devizes MG Nigel Baker 3 3 2.0 3 50 48
F Diawa Gordon League Martin Price 1 4 3.0 4 67 40 639.0 5.7
F Garbolino BMV Richard Chave 6 11 8.0 7 184 6 7
F Mosella Lobby’s Sean Bryan 2 2 11.0 2 43 49
F Cotswold Angling Eamonn Byrne 7 8 12.0 6 140 14
G Browning Andover Ben Bentley 4 3 15.0 4 63 42 Average/Section
G Colmic Tailisman Keith Daniels 5 1 6.0 1 22 60 3 lb 15 oz
G Devizes MG Dave Clapton 3 5 9.0 6 89 29
G Diawa Gordon League Daniel Smith 1 4 4.0 5 68 38 440.0 3.9
G Garbolino BMV Steve Nadin 6 3 13.0 3 61 43 7
G Mosella Lobby’s Andy Richins 2 6 14.5 7 111 24
G Cotswold Angling Darren Reynolds 7 1 10.5 2 26.5 55
H Browning Andover Phil Harland 4 5 2.0 6 82 32 Average/Section
H Colmic Tailisman Glyn Loveday 5 1 15.5 2 31.5 53 3 lb 13 oz
H Devizes MG Nigel Franks 3 4 12.0 5 76 35
H Diawa Gordon League Chris Telling 1 3 10.0 4 58 44 430.0 3.8
H Garbolino BMV Richie Tomola 6 3 6.0 3 54 46 7
H Mosella Lobby’s Ian Wheeldon 2 6 8.0 7 104 25
H Cotswold Angling Joe Thompson 7 1 8.5 1 24.5 58
J Browning Andover Gerry Blunt 4 1 5.5 1 21.5 61 Average/Section
J Colmic Tailisman Mick Nowicki 5 3 8.0 4 56 45 3 lb 8 oz
J Devizes MG Gary Williamson 3 5 2.0 6 82 32
J Diawa Gordon League Phil Stone 1 5 5.0 7 85 31 389.0 3.5
J Garbolino BMV Kev Abigale 6 4 4.0 5 68 38 7
J Mosella Lobby’s Andy Price 2 1 9.5 2 25.5 56
J Cotswold Angling Gerry Cambridge 7 3 3.0 3 51 47
K Browning Andover Dave George 4 7 14.0 5 126 18 Average/Section
K Colmic Tailisman Mick Gayle 5 9 1.0 6 145 13 7 lb 8 oz
K Devizes MG Robin Guy 3 5 12.0 3 92 28
K Diawa Gordon League Rich Hoskins 1 7 6.0 4 118 22 841.0 7.5
K Garbolino BMV Steve Long 6 16 3.0 7 259 2 7
K Mosella Lobby’s Derek Jarman 2 4 6.0 2 70 37
K Cotswold Angling Fred Parker 7 1 15.0 1 31 54

Open Match

I was 5th out of 64 anglers with mainly thanks to one carp.

The Piles, which proved to be very hard in practice and just as hard in the winter league.

Andy Powell with 14lb 5oz

Dave Johnson with 14lb 7oz carp on the pole.

This fish wasn’t happy when the camera came out

The rules of the winter league

Angling Trust Winter League Match Rules

Sponsored by Partridge Lakes (Culcheth, Warrington)

Effective from 1st October 2011

1.      Each League will consist of a MINIMUM of SIX Teams of 10 anglers. NOTE: – Written applications prior to the commencement of each series from League secretaries with FIVE teams will be considered for entry.

2.      Each team must submit a squad list of not more than 20 ANGLERS that will be eligible to fish each series through to the final, if successful, to the ANGLING TRUST WINTER LEAGUE CO-ORDINATOR prior to the 1st OCTOBER together with the entry fee of £100 per team. Cheques are to be made payable to “ANGLING TRUST LIMITED”.

3.       The Matches will be “pegged down” competitions, pegs to be preferably 20 yards (18 metres) apart, or more where practicable.

4.       Teams are entitled to enter more than one team consisting of 10 anglers in the series. Teams will not be entitled to compete with teams consisting of fewer anglers than those referred to in this Rule.

5.       No person may fish for different teams during the current series unless an approved transfer is granted and they have not fished for their initial team during the current series.

6.       ALL Team Captains shall report to the Local organiser prior to the Draw whether or not they have any changes to make.  The number of changes a Captain can make at this time will be restricted to the number of anglers, over and above the first ten names, listed on the Team registration Form.  Where any such change is made the incoming angler MUST fish the drawn Section and peg of the angler he/she is replacing.

7.       The Section and Peg Draws will be randomly generated by the local organiser prior to each match. There will be one member of each Team in each Section.  This draw will produce combinations of Sections and Pegs into sets of 10, i.e. one set for each Team

8.       A Team representative will draw a peg set on the day of the match. Team members MUST fish the Section/Peg shown in the peg set as drawn for him/her.  The Team representative will also be given 10 Peg Cards, which MUST be handed to the members of his/her Team BEFORE they leave HQ.

9.       No competitor will change his/her Section.  Any angler who commences fishing at the wrong peg will be disqualified.

10.     Any angler may have assistance to help carry his/her tackle to his/her peg.  Once at his/her peg no further assistance will be allowed.

11.     No competitor will have live or dead fish in their possession before the match commences.

12.     The signal to commence and cease fishing will be given by the nominated team in each Section.

13.     The duration of each match will be 5 hours.

14.     Before the starting signal no competitor must on any account ground bait or loose feed the swim but will be allowed to wet a line, plumb the depth and test the float, mix or wet ground bait, clear his/her fishing ground of weed or obstructions and position his/her equipment.  On no account must a feeder be used prior to the starting signal.

15.     A competitor may wade provided that the water does not extend above the knees, unless he/she can touch the bank with their fingertips, in which case the water can extend above the knees.  When platforms are used the water must not come over the anglers knees when standing on river/lake bed.

  1. Every competitor must fish from within one metre either side of his/her designated peg.  On flowing water he/she will fish from their position in the direction of the flow as far as the next peg.  On still waters he/she may fish as far as half the distance between his/her peg and the pegs on either side.  Where competitors are drawn on opposite banks the limit of the swim will be the middle line between either bank.  The competitor will restrict their activities completely to these boundaries, neither his/her person, tackle, bait, ground bait or hooked fish may intrude into his/hers neighbours swim.

In an extreme situation e.g. snagged tackle or a snagged fish, an angler must seek permission from his neighbour/neighbours before moving this from his/her designated peg to try and remedy the situation.

17.     No competitor may leave his/her peg during the match other than to answer the call of nature.  However, in the event of an emergency and/or severe weather conditions anglers may leave their pegs  Local leagues will decide what circumstances constitutes severe weather conditions with due consideration given to anglers safety.

18.     A competitor must not cause annoyance to, or seek to interfere with another competitor during the course of the match.

19.     A competitor shall have in use one rod or pole, one line and single

hook at one time, but may have other poles or rods and tackle

assembled behind them where possible, providing that tackle is

not baited.

20.     Any bait, subject to the local rules appertaining at the time of acceptance as a Winter League venue, may be used during the event, except live or dead fish, spinning baits and artificial lures.

21.     Maximum length of poles permitted is 16 metres, floating poles are not allowed. (Subject to local rules).

22.      Floating baits either hook or feed are not permitted

23.     The use of electronic fish finders is forbidden.

24.     No competitor shall present their baited hooks into their swim by any means other than the pole or rod to which the line is attached.

25.     All feed may be thrown in by hand, or by the use of one or two handed catapults, throwing sticks, swim feeders, bait droppers, bait cups and bait shuttles, but no other mechanical means of projecting feed is allowed.  No bait shall be introduced with a pole or bait dropper attached to an extra pole or rod whilst continuing to fish.

26.     Competitors must strike, play and land their own fish from the

confines of their own peg.

27.    Competitors must retain all fish in a keepnet that complies with the relevant Environment Agency bylaws.

28.     All fish caught are eligible for weighing except Game Fish, Pike, Zander and Crustaceans.

29.     Competitors must, if practicable, keep all fish caught alive.  If for any reason competitors cannot keep fish alive the angler shall have the fish weighed in during the match and return the fish alive to the water.

30.     Competitors must cease fishing at the signal.  Should a competitor still be playing a fish hooked before the signal is given, they will be permitted no more than 15 minutes after time has been called to land the fish.

31.     All competitors will remain at their pegs until details of their catch have been recorded, even if they have caught no fish, except for the purpose of clearing litter from their swims.

32.     Competitors are responsible for ensuring their pegs are clear of litter and no competitor shall have their catch weighed in who has litter on the banks of their swim.

33.     Both the competitor and Scales Steward MUST ensure that the

correct procedure for transferring fish from a keepnet to weigh net

and back to the water is followed.

Keepnet to weigh net:- (a) Swim the fish from the bottom of the

Keepnet to the top,ensuring that the top ring is out of the water,and

gather the rings up from the bottom as the fish move up. Once the

fish are between the top ring and the 2nd or 3rd ring(depending on

the number of fish in the net),remove the keepnet from thr water

and gently slide the fish into the weigh net. Should the number of

fish require more than one weigh ,only slide sufficient fish into the

weigh net for the first weigh. Whilst the weigh is taking place

hold the remaining fish back in the water until required for

weighing and  repeat until all fish have been weighed.

(b) Remove the keepnet from the water collapsing the net down

until the 2nd or 3rd ring from the bottom can be reached from inside

Pull the chosen ring through the top ring and then gently slide the

fish into the weigh net .Should the number of fish require more

than one weigh ,only slide sufficient fish into the weigh net for the

first weigh. Whilst the weigh is taking place, hold the remaining

fish back in the water until required for weighing and repeat until

all fish have been weighed.

After each competitor has been weighed in at their peg, it will be

the duty of the competitor to return all the fish safely to the water.

34.     The individual weight of each competitor will be recorded to the nearest 10 grammes rounded up (Where 10Kg scales are used), 20 grammes, rounded up (Where 20Kg scales are used) and 4 drams where Lbs, Ozs and Drm are used.

35.     Each competitor will be responsible for ensuring that the weight of his/her catch is correctly recorded by the Record Steward and that he signs for his weight on the weigh sheet.

36.     After being weighed any dead fish are to be suitably disposed of by the competitor.

37.     Any objections must be made in writing and lodged with a member of the match Management Team no later than one hour after the end of the match on the official form supplied.  Irregularities which are brought to notice at a later date may be dealt with only by a Captains meeting. Should the irregularity issue not be resolved then ALL relevant information should be sent to the Angling Trust Winter League co-ordinator for adjudication whose decision shall be final.

38.     Match positions: Match positions will be decided on a points basis: i.e. 1 (one) point for a match win, 2 (two) for second etc. with NO half points. Where teams tie on points in each match, their position and points allocation will be decided on weight. Should there be a tie, their points allocation and position will be decided on number of section wins, 2nd’s, 3rd’s etc.

39. League positions: At the end of the league series if there is a tie on points, team positions will be decided by number of match wins, 2nd’s, 3rd’s etc.

40.     All matches must conform to Environment Agency bylaws.  Any competitor reported by the Environment Agency for being unable to produce a valid licence shall be deemed to be in contravention of the Rules and shall be disqualified from that match.  All pools, entry fees etc in respect of the said competitor shall be forfeited.

41.     The use of lead, including any alloy or compound of lead, in the form of split shot or any other suitable items for weighting fishing lines is prohibited.  The prohibition does not apply to weights of lead, alloy or compound of lead, of 0.06g or less or of more than 28.35g.  The prohibition also does not apply to weights of lead, alloy or compound less than 28.35g if the said lead, alloy or compound is incorporated in the construction of swim feeders or self cocking floats.

42.     If in the opinion of the match organiser, any Team or Individual is in breach of these Rules or is guilty of behaviour which is contrary to the best interests of the sport, or upon complaint being received by the match organiser that there has been an alleged breach of the rules, the event organiser shall call a captains meeting to make a decision on all available facts and that decision will be final and binding. Should a resolution of the issue not be forthcoming ALL relevant information must be sent to the Angling Trust Winter league co-ordinator for adjudication, whose decision shall be final.

43.    Any team or competitor proved to be in contravention of these rules  will be disqualified


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