Carp feeding – underwater

Been experimenting with a new camera, which among other things, can take video underwater – took the following at a carp lake in France during a visit in September – the team were absolutely amazed with the results…..

Carp feeding in about 1.5m of water

The above video was actually 13:22 minutes long, but we cut a bit out (for your viewing pleasure!) after feeding, as nothing was happening,

The resulting 8:21 minutes is all in real time, as are the sounds (not the music) the noise of the bait going in and the carp feeding was actually what was recorded. Given that the camera and the recorder are all in a sealed plastic box makes the amount of sound really quite interesting.

Also the speed and way the fish moved, going round and round the bait to make sure all was OK.  How they actually feed, rooting around, sucking up, munching, and spitting out what’s left.

…and when one really got it’s head down…they all just went for it!!!

Carp and some silverfish feeding in about 1.5m of water

A single continuous clip in real time, this is interesting as it shows the interaction between silverfish and carp, and the ever changing cycle of the swim.

Also some nice shots of how carp actually feed.

Margin carp feeding in about 70cm of water.

All in real time,  2.32 a single clip.

Not quite sure if some of the reactions are due to the fish being aware of the camera, but when it clouds up a bit they seem to settle down.

Margin carp feeding in about 70cm of water.

This is my favourite, again all in real time,  3.16 a single clip.

Same swim as the video above, just after they got their heads down, the water really clouded up so I just stuck the camera in and hoped for the best.

This is what the swim is really like when the fish are all fighting to get the feed.

Take note of when the camera went in to the water at the beginning of the clip, how flat and calm the water surface is, it was the same when I took the camera out. But just below the surface it’s all going ….mental!

Margin carp and barbel feeding in about 70cm of water.

Real time,  single clip of  4.29

Just stuck the camera down the edge of a new swim and just started feeding hard pellets. All the sounds are real…not such the silent world as we thought.

Hope you like these short insights into a world that most weekends we try so hard to understand, which sometimes we end up asking ourselves  ……what is going on down there??

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Gary Booth | 04/10.11

These videos are very interesting, especially how it shows silvers fish backing off when a carp arrives then returning afterwards, if ever you needed a message to say use the lightest diameter lines as possible then this is it, as you can catch both Carp and Silvers instead of missing out on those silver fish when the Carp are not there or feeding, this could put an extra 20lb in the net and be the difference between winning or coming nowhere.

Gary Booth | 04/10.11

Great videos to watch, especially those where you can see silver fish leaving a swim when a carp enters the feeding zone, if you every needed reminding that using the lowest diameters lines you can get away with is the best advice then this is it.

Anglers could be missing out on another 20lb of silver fish if they are targetting just Carp.

Edward Lewis | 02/12.12

Some great footage. Thanks for sharing it, check out the Underwater Angling book, there are lots of similar insights in there too