Maver Match This

Larford Lakes Specimen Lake
  • Peg 78
  • 25lb all skimmers
  • 2nd in section (out 10)


I’m very eager to get into a big money final again, but the odds were stacked against me when I drew peg 78 and the wind blowing the wrong way this weren’t looking good.  However spending £50 on a ticket, £10 on pools, £20 on diesel and £30 on bait I wasn’t about to go home.  So decided to fish and be positive in my approach, as you never know with fishing, I could be lucky to enter the £50,000 final??????

So I decided to fish to my strengths, fish paste at 9 meters, which is a little longer than normal, but with the tight pegging, I felt it gave me a better chance of keeping fish coming.  My next method was going to be the “Method” and 20 meters and 60 meters, so two rods were kitted up.  Also was ready to fish chop worm and caster at 13 meters at 2 foot for skimmers up in the water if it doesn’t go top plan, as you can do a good weight of these fish, maybe not enough to win, but at least get a day’s fishing and maybe win the ten peg section.

The Match

Started on paste at 9 meters, and caught two reasonable size skimmers in the first ten minutes, then 8 yards away (next peg) 10 large balls of groundbait went it from Jon Athur, and funny enough my swim went dead.  I can’t think why that happened?  The next fifty minutes was very slow, and looking around and hearing the complaining banter from a lot of anglers, I guessing it is fishing “rock” hard.

I decided to start fishing long on chop worm and caster, but unbelievably this didn’t produce anything in twenty minutes. So I decided knock that on the head, as it wasn’t going to work despite there was the old small fish topping.  So method went out at 16 meters, and didn’t move.  So I decided to fish the long pole, with pellet and worms.  Which would see me catch one skimmer and went ten minutes and then another, these were about 60z – 10oz.  I was hoping to build the peg up, but this wasn’t happening.  Even my camera boy (Dathan) fell asleep and was snoring much to my and Jon Arthur’s amusement!  So I was boring to watch!  Cut a long story short, the fish wasn’t feeding and this was the first time that I went to Larford without catching a carp, there was five of us in a line that didn’t!  The fish had another things on their mind.

I was surprised that 25lb went on the scales, as I felt that I would have 20lb.  Also was even more surprised to be second in my section, Lee Thornton won it easily with 37lb.

I have two tickets left, so fingers crossed that I will be a little more luckier.


I let Dathan have a go with my gear afterwards, who caught an eel on the method feeder???

Kevin Dicks with a 13lber!

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